Track your lifestyle Improve your wellness Reach your goals

Within the world of wearable devices, WellyVillage connects people looking for wellness support, with people who have the knowledge and passion to coach them

While tracking your lifestyle, Welly Village connects yourself and your gathered data in one single access point

Welly Village behaves as a personal journal, recording all your daily activities through the technologies that surrounds you. Welly Village platform is able to collect, in one single access point, all the data from any device, even if from different brands: smart and sport watches (such as FitBit, Garmin and Polar), smart scales (such as Fitbit, Garmin, iHealth, Nokia, Polar, Whiting), measuring devices (such as sphygmomanometer, smart glucose meter, hydrations trackers, etc.)





Improve your wellness and reach your goals

Welly Village, through the amount of heterogeneous data collected, allows you to see the whole picture of yourself and improve where you are not so good. Through the platform you can set your own goals and reach them through certified programs created by the experts community

Ask for advice to wellness professionals

Ask for advice and for tailor-made programs to the experts available on the platform through dedicated features to improve your lifestyle and reach your goals

Join private or public groups and challenges

Join private or public groups where you can share your personal daily experience and join challenges to compare your performance on a leaderboard while staying motivated

Earn WellyPoint and buy on the marketplace

By reaching your goals you can be rewarded with badges and WellyPoints, a virtual currency that can be spent on the platform’s marketplace to buy sport equipments, insurance discounts and consultancy/plans by wellness professionals

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Become a Wellness Professional

Welly Village is an opportunity for wellness professionals all over the world to connect digitally with patients and other experts

Join Welly Village as a wellness professional and start innovating your business today

Regardless your medical specialty, as long as you deal with lifestyle, you can join the community of Welly Village as a wellness professional





Remote wellness consultancy has never been easier

Through dedicated features (chat, plan builder, data dashboard) you can offer private professional consultancy to premium users. You can check their daily activity and advice them on how to follow a training/meal plan or where and how to improve

Join a community of trusted wellness professionals

Through Welly Village platform you can interact with other experts and even create teams in order to provide a 360° consultancy to users

Innovate your business as a remote lifestyle expert

Welly Village, through digital remote consultancy, is an opportunity to earn money while maintaining flexibility, you’re in full control of your availability and your life

Grow your business increase your reputation

On Welly Village you can create contents (plans, articles) allowing you to innovate and grow your business while increasing your reputation

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Welly Village for your business

Welly Village can be a great corporate ally by helping you increase efficiency while growing your business

We share the same goal, helping people live a healthier lifestyle

Welly Village can be a great opportunity for several fields of activity to innovate business models, improve quality in decision-making and engage customers


Through corporate wellness programs, Welly Village can improve employees physical and mental health, increasing their engagement/satisfaction and productivity while reducing healthcare costs, loss of productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. Thus consequently turns into organization financial growth


Welly Village gives to business insurances the opportunity to identify the needs of their customers and to identify new segments, allowing strategy improvements. The analysis of the anonymized gathered data allows to improve decision-making for better risk and pricing evaluation while increasing customer engagement

Doctors and private clinics

Welly Village can help doctors and private clinics to work more efficiently with their patients and to lead to better outcomes. The vast amount of heterogeneous data allows to better help/advice patients with their health problems while engaging them towards a healthy lifestyle and in reaching their goals

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Legal action
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Information not contained in this policy
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The rights of Users
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This Application does not support “Do Not Track” requests.
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